Fee Schedule

Fees & Service Charges
Effective August 1, 2019

Payment Product Fees
Cashier Check Fees (waived if share balance over $10,000) $5.00 each
Share Savings Accounts
Below Minimum Share Balance Fee $4.00
Monthly Share Account Maintenance Fee (below daily minimum of $100) $4.00
Excessive Withdrawal Fee (in excess of 2 per calendar month) $2.00 each
Second Chance Share Account $7.50 month
Exceeding Reg-D Transaction Fee $5.00 each
Share Draft Checking Account Fee
Over-The-Phone-Check Withdrawal $2.00 each
Stop Payment Fees
Stop Payment $25.00 each
Stop Payment of Corporate/Teller Check $25.00 each
Re-Deposit of Official/Corp. $5.00 each
Wire Transfer Fees
Domestic Incoming $25.00
Domestic Outgoing $25.00
International Incoming $25.00
International Outgoing $25.00
Club Account Fees
Early Withdrawal from Holiday Club (between February 1st and October 31st) $15.00 each
ATM Cards
ATM Withdrawal at non CO-OP ATMs $2.00 each
ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee $7.00 each
RUSH ATM/Debit Card or PIN Replacement Fee $25.00 each
ATM/Debit Card PIN Reissue Fee $5.00 each
ATM Deposit Correction / Empty Envelope Fee $10.00 each
Point-of-Sale (PIN Based Only) $0.50 each
Check Cashing Fees
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.00 each
Collection Fees
Check/Draft Collection Fees $15.00 each
Return Deposit Item $30.00 each
Credit Card Fees
Late Fee (each monthly statement cycle) $20.00
Overlimit Fee (each monthly statement cycle) $0.00
Return Check Fee $25.00
RUSH fee $0.00
Deposit Service Fees
Escheats Notice Fee $2.00
Inactive Account (after 12 months of no activity) $2.00
Account Closure Fee (within 12 months of opening) $15.00
Re-Open Account Fees (within 90 days of closing) $10.00
IRA Fees
IRA Annual Maintenance Fee $10.00
Miscellaneous Services
Garnishment/Levy/Lien $25.00 each
Address Correction/Return Mail $5.00
Incorrect Social Security/Tax ID $50.00 Annually
Express Mail Services (next business day) $20.00
Express Mail Services (next business morning) $30.00
Encoding Errors on Checks from non-standard providers $10.00 per check
Manual Payment/Item Clearing $10.00 per item
Copy of Statements $2.00 each (free online)
Account History Printout $3.00/month (free online)
Verification of Deposit $5.00
Response to Subpoenas $20.00/hour (min. $20.00)
Photocopy Services (non credit union documents) $0.50 per page
Fax Services $3.00 per page ($0.50 after per page)
Statement Fee (waived if enrolled into e-statements.  Not applicable to members under 18 years old or members 65 and older) $2.00 per statement cycle
Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) $30.00 each
Overdrawn Fee $25.00 each
Courtesy Overdraft Privilege Fee $30.00 each
Overdraft Transfer Fee $4.00 each
Research & Reconciliation fees
Account Balance and Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Loan Documentation Fee (Secured Loans) $70.00
Skip-a-Payment Fee $60.00